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Cetol® I & Cetol® 23 Plus
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Cetol® I & Cetol® 23 Plus

Cetol® I

Cetol® I is a premium, translucent, exterior wood base coat to be used with Cetol® 23 Plus. Its superior oil Alkyd formulation offers excellent penetration and adhesion to all vertical wood surfaces.

Cetol® 23 Plus

Cetol® 23 Plus is a premium, translucent topcoat for Cetol® I. The advanced Alkyd resin with UV absorbers offers excellent durability and protection for siding and other vertical surfaces.

Recommended For

Siding Windows
Garage Doors Fences
Outdoor Furniture Entrance Doors
Trim Log Homes

Cetol® I & Cetol® 23 Plus Performance Highlights

Features Benefits
Translucent Iron Oxides Improved clarity and color retention
protection from "graying"
UV Absorbers Added UV protection leads to less frequent maintenance
Microporous Minimizes the occurrence of peeling and blistering
Translucent Film Forming System Durable rich "look" with a satin sheen


Sikkens Product Supplier

Eight Natural Colors Available

Sikkens Colors

Preparation Procedures

Vertical surfaces:
New, Weathered, Uncoated Wood

The best method to prepare vertical wood surfaces is to sand with 80-120 grit sandpaper.

However, an alternate to sanding for preparation is listed below.

Cleaning Recommendation

1.  Spray the surface with clean water, wetting the wood.

2.  Clean the surface with a solution of 4 ounces of 100% powdered Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) or phosphate-fee substitute plus 1 quart of liquid bleach in 3 quarts of water. Apply this solution generously to the wood with a garden pump sprayer.

3.  Let the solution sit on the wood for 15-20 minutes. During this period, scrub the surface with a hard bristle brush to help remove mill glaze and/or weathering. Do not let the solution dry on the wood.  Keep it wet.

4.  Power wash the cleaning solution from the wood with clean water. To prevent damaging the wood, do not exceed 500 psi. The nozzle must be a maximum of 1 foot from the surface for full effectiveness.

5.  Let the surface dry for 3 days before application. (i.e. the moisture content is below 18%).


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Entry Doors
Interior Doors
Screen Doors
Wine Cellar Doors




Woodworker's Studio specializes in custom solid wood Business and Residential Doors. Custom Wood Doors include: Arch Top Doors, French Doors, Standard Panel Doors, Exterior Doors, Interior Doors, and Wine Cellar Doors.

At Woodworker's Studio we handcraft your solid wood doors to exacting standards.  We are proud to offer you the highest quality at affordable prices. We have been creating custom wood entryways and wood doors for more than 20 years. Our products are works of art that will bring the beauty and warmth of solid wood to your home or business.

All products are carefully assembled, ready for installation, then crated and shipped anywhere in the US. Contact us for information about our products and how we can help you choose from our existing designs or design a door from the ground up just for you!

Many of our existing designs may be modified in a variety of ways. Almost all of our designs have been constructed as arch top doors, including half-round and elliptical. All doors can be supplied with transoms and sidelites.

Located in Steinhatchee, Florida, we ship our doors anywhere in the continental USA.

Phone: 352-498-2227   6319 SW Hwy 358   Steinhatchee, FL  32359

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